Yehuda Elkana Fellows

The Yehuda Elkana Fellowship Endowment Fund was established to provide support for outstanding young scholars pursuing a doctoral degree with a specialization in higher education policy at CEU. The Fellowship fully sustains the students during their graduate work at CEU, including their research, allowing them to concentrate entirely upon their studies.
The Elkana Center supports the work of the PhD Fellows by organizing academic events, inviting guest speakers, providing additional opportunities for professional networking (conference attendance), offering help with academic publication process.

Call for Applications for Yehuda Elkana Doctoral Fellowship in Higher Education Policy (now closed)

Yehuda Elkana Fellows:

Renata Kralikova Dissertation topic: Transition legacies, rules of appropriateness and ‘modernization agenda’ translation in higher education governance in Lithuania, Romania and Slovakia 

Norbert Sabic Dissertation topic: Diversification of higher education in Europe. A policy narrative that legitimizes resource concentration

Daniela Craciun Dissertation topic: Systematizing National Higher Education Internationalization Strategies: Reconceptualizing a Process

Simona Torotcoi  Dissertation topic: The Implementation of The Bologna Process: Between Intergovernmental Commitments and Institutional Reality

Adrienn Nyircsak Dissertation topic: Reflexivity in European Higher Education Governance

Elizaveta Potapova Preliminary dissertation topic: Academic freedom in Russia: proclamation and manifestation

Gunsyma Shaydorova Preliminary dissertation topic: Internationalization of Russian higher education: from periphery to core? Governmental initiatives and institutional practice

Maryna Lakhno Dissertation topic: Universities: Local Agents of Global Changes. The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals as a Policy Framework for Higher Education

Omar Abozeid Preliminary dissertation topic: The Effect of Cognitive Skills on Post-University Employment Outcomes

Samuel Kiiru Preliminary dissertaion topic: Knowledge Production, Transfer and Utilization in Agriculture: A Case Study of Three Public Universities in Kenya