Teaching in Higher Education: workshop designed for CEU alumni

Teaching in Higher Education: workshop designed for CEU alumni

May 7-8 2020, CEU Budapest


For whom?

This 2-day training module is addressed to CEU alumni interested in enhancing their teaching competence. We invite alumni who are either currently teaching or are considering developing and offering university courses in the future. We expect that the workshop could be attractive for alumni who are already advanced in their professional careers and consider offering university courses in their specialized field (Law, Economics, Environmental Policy, Public Policy or other) but also for those already working in academia. 


Teaching can be an attractive prospect for alumni both because of the personal satisfaction it can bring but also because it is often considered prestigious to be associated with universities. Through our work with many universities in Europe and beyond we became aware that most institutions have limited or no resources at all to train their fulltime or visiting faculty. University teachers are not required to have any qualifications in teaching and learning, and therefore they design and teach their courses based on their own instincts and good practices encountered as students. The workshop intends to build the competence of CEU alumni to confidently engage in teaching by presenting and discussing best practices in teaching and current trends in higher education. It also provides an opportunity for those teaching already to share their challenges, receive feedback from colleagues and get an update on new approaches.


The workshop will be structured in 4 sessions:  

  1. Trends and recent developments in higher education, introducing concepts such as massification, internationalization, student-centeredness, organizational cultures, students’ employability needs and other dominant discourses and priorities in higher education today. This part will have a comparative education lens to accommodate and highlight the various models and practices existing in the countries where course participants come from. 
  2. Course design and building a syllabus, introducing the steps and the basic principles behind designing a course for a specific audience, the concept of constructive alignment, learning outcomes, choosing readings and building a syllabus. 
  3. Teaching approaches and methods will offer a brief overview of how classroom dynamics and methods have changed recently, with an emphasis on practical examples (flipped classrooms, problem-based learning, group-work and others).
  4. Students’ assessment will outline the principles and practices in measuring and guiding student learning, feedback mechanisms, multiple types of assessing students’ work.

By whom?

The training will be conducted by alumni for alumni with alumni!

The Lead Trainers are CEU alumni currently affiliated with the Yehuda Elkana Center for Higher Education.

Pusa Nastase is a CEU graduate (LEGS 2001) with over 10 years of experience delivering courses and workshops on higher education management topics. She is a higher education researcher and manager of professional development and capacity building programs at the CEU. Currently she runs non-degree courses on higher education topics and is involved in the research project “European Universities – Critical Futures” led by the Danish School of Education.

Matyas Szabo is a CEU ‘94 Sociology graduate. As the former director of CEU’s Curriculum Resource Center, between 2001-2012 he has offered capacity building and faculty development workshops for university professors in more than 20 countries.  Currently he is involved in several international projects targeting curriculum reform and faculty development.

Both trainers are passionate about higher education and have extensive experience of delivering interactive workshops on various higher education themes, the most recent ones are listed below, for your reference:


This is not a traditional course but a workshop designed specifically for adults. Our approach is based on principles of adult education: recognition of prior learning, engaging participants as peers and using case-studies and other applied teaching approaches. We find essential to be engaging and make sure that sessions are relevant, interesting and with a bit of fun thrown in. 


The course will be part of the CEU Alumni Weekend in Budapest and will be held on 7-8 May 2020. We hope this course will form the backbone of an expanding professional development course menu available for the alumni in the future. 

To apply

Please send us your CV and a half-page motivation letter outlining what you expect from the course and why you want to attend it to elkanacenter@ceu.edu  by April 1, 2020


In light of CEU’s and our own increasing commitment to lifelong learning, professional development, and capacity building, in the first pilot year the course will be offered free of charge for CEU alumni, thus becoming part of the university’s services and benefits to its alumni.


For more information 

Please contact us by email at:

nastasep@ceu.edu or szabom@ceu.edu