Open Society Research Platform


Open Society Research Platform

The OSUN Open Society Research Platform has the ambition to revitalize the debate on open society, make it more vibrant, rigorous, nuanced and relevant to specific challenges of the day, to the challenges facing OSUN itself, and contribute to endowing it with a more robust and refined epistemological, theoretical and methodological utility.


The Open Society Research Platform pursues four key purposes: academic, policy, public and educational. It is a distributed, networked joint endeavor of OSUN partners and other universities and research organizations. The Platform operates in coordination with and serve other OSUN projects, including educational and advocacy projects and the OSUN Global Institute for Advanced Studies. Its main operating modalities are research projects (including research in support of applied OSUN endeavors), publications, and conferences and workshops, with attention lent to the engagement with both the scholarly and public discourse.

The Platform intends to promote robust theoretical and methodological contributions with regard to the conceptual underpinnings of open society and a body of versatile and credible scholarship that has a strong potential to advance both academic and public debate on the concept of open society and its value and limitations as an intellectual and policy tool. The Planform will support original research and will also collect in a systematic way and make available, using Open Access tools, scholarly and other publications directly related to the concept, establish an inventory of authors and publishers and identify and build relations with the research centers that have resources and programs dedicated to the study, analysis and public engagement around the concept of open society.

  • The academic purpose is to produce new knowledge and collect scholarship concerned with the concept of open society, its values and limitations, and endeavor to increase and utilize its theoretical and methodological value;
  • The policy purpose intends to define and translate the concept into frameworks and approaches that can make it a functional instrument in policy debate and policy making;
  • The public purpose is to explain and popularize the concept, improve its relevance and practicality in the discussion of burning societal issues and improve and expand its use in public discourse. To these ends, the Platform will function as a clearinghouse of scholarship and resources, an independent but well-connected research hub, and a public venue, both virtual and conventional;
  • The educational purpose of the platform is to create resources, curricular innovations and contribute conceptually to civic engagement activities that utilize the formulations of open society more explicitly, responsibly and pro-actively and promote their use as an underlying and integrative concept in academic work and professional and public engagement.



The Open Society Research Platform focuses on piloting the following range of activities: 

  • Research grants and fellowships
  • Publications
  • Academic Colloquia, Seminars and Workshops
  • Online Publications Platform/Database
  • Public Engagement Program 

The Open Society Research Platform functions as a network of scholars and grantees working individually and in virtual groups across the OSUN network.

In addition to research projects, the Platform will initiate and conduct academic and public events, with support from CEU and partner institutions. Academic engagement activities will include events such as colloquia, roundtables and conferences on subjects that correspond to the areas of current research and educational outreach of OSUN partners. Public outreach will be closely developed with OSUN host institutions and aim to contribute to local projects of policy and social significance, public lectures and presentations, debates, outreach through media, and supporting the integration of open society concept within the partner institution and its public profile.   


The activities of the platform are led by to fellows-in-residence, placed at the Yehuda Elkana Center for Higher Education in Vienna:

Christof Royer 

Postdoctoral Fellow

Volha Biziukova 

Junior Visiting Researcher