OSUN Modular Doctoral Fellowship

OSUN Modular Doctoral Fellowship

Program Description

The OSUN Modular Doctoral Fellowship program is designed for junior faculty teaching at the universities across the OSUN network, who would like to pursue modular studies for the degree of PhD or SJD (legal studies) at the Central European University. The program supports junior academics without doctoral or equivalent degrees, employed full-time at an eligible OSUN partner institution. The Fellowship allows the students to work on their dissertation while remaining closely connected to their home institutions. This arrangement can be particularly relevant for universities that employ faculty members without PhDs (due to the lack of international-standard doctoral programs in the respective countries and fields), but which are committed to providing such faculty members with opportunities to upgrade their academic qualifications in a leading international institution, while remaining on the job.

This is a flexibly structured and individualized postgraduate study opportunity that does not require continuous residence at CEU for the entire duration of studies. The program is divided into modules, some of which require the student’s presence on campus (e.g. coursework modules), while some can be completed at distance (e.g. fieldwork, dissertation write-up). The modular structure is determined in consultation with and with the approval of the Fellow’s CEU supervisor and host department. Modular Doctoral Fellows are strongly encouraged to spend the first year of studies in continuous residence at CEU for completing the bulk of the mandatory coursework.

Modular Doctoral Fellows have the same rights and responsibilities as all other CEU students and should fulfill all requirements applied to doctoral candidates at CEU and their respective program, apart from the requirement of continuous residence in Vienna.


An applicant for a Modular Doctoral Fellowship should be a faculty member currently teaching full-time at one of the eligible institutions listed below whose application is supported by the home institution. In exceptional cases, CEU would consider non-faculty university employees who have significant responsibilities in academic administration and are recommended by the home institutions as prospective faculty and academic program leaders.

Eligible OSUN institutions

· Al-Quds University and Al-Quds Bard College of Arts and Sciences (Palestine)

· American University of Bulgaria

· American University of Central Asia (Kyrgyzstan)

· Ashesi University (Ghana)

· BRAC University (Bangladesh)

· European Humanities University (Lithuania)

· Fulbright University Vietnam

· Parami University (Myanmar)


Interested candidates should apply to CEU through the standard application procedure. An application can be made to any CEU doctoral program. An applicant for a Modular Doctoral Fellowship should meet all standard CEU and relevant program requirements.

In addition to the regular application documents and letters of reference, the applicants must submit a formal letter of support from the home university (signed by a dean, a chief academic officer/pro-rector or a head of the institution/rector) that confirms the following:

· the scope of the employment,

· the permission to enroll in a modular doctoral program and support to the modular structure of studies that requires time off duty at home university for the periods of residence at CEU,

· university’s commitment to continue the candidate’s academic employment upon the completion of doctoral studies.

A scanned version of the original letter must be uploaded in the documents section of the CEU online application form.


Financial Aid

CEU waives tuition fees of the successful applicants. Open Society University Network provides a Fellowship package that covers living stipend and travel expenses for the periods of residence at CEU. Modular Doctoral Fellows are entitled to stipend covering a maximum of 26 months in residence at CEU (Vienna), which they can spread over five years of studies as agreed with their CEU doctoral program. Typically, a Fellow might spend ten months at CEU during the first year of studies and four months each during years 2-5. In addition, the Fellow gets travel funding for five return trips to CEU (Vienna), as well as modest support for short-term visits for departmental conferences, comprehensive exam, and thesis defense. Modular Doctoral Fellows are eligible for all forms of research support available to regular doctoral students at CEU, such as the doctoral research support grant or the write-up grant, on a competitive basis.


For further information on the CEU applications and admissions procedures please visit CEU’s website http://www.ceu.edu/admissions and contact admissions@ceu.edu.

With questions concerning the OSUN Fellowship please write to osun-info@ceu.edu.