CEU/HESP Modular Doctoral Program

Program Description

The program targets junior faculty who hold a permanent teaching position at one of the eligible institutions* who would like to pursue doctoral studies on a modular basis. A modular doctoral program allows students to work on their dissertations while remaining at the same time closely connected to their home departments. It is a flexible program with an individualized approach that does not require continuous residence on CEU premises. The program is divided into modules, some of which require the student's presence at CEU (e.g. coursework modules), while some others can be completed at a distance (e.g. fieldwork, writing up). Modular doctoral students have the same rights and responsibilities as all other CEU students and should fulfill all the other requirements applied to doctoral students at CEU and their respective program, apart from the requirement of continuous residence in Budapest.

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For specific questions concerning the Modular Doctoral Program please write to modular@ceu.edu.

*Eligible institutions:

  • Myanmar – any institution
  • Kyrgyzstan - American University-Central Asia (AUCA) only
  • Macedonia - South East European University (SEEU) only
  • Palestine - Al-Quds Bard College for Arts and Sciences (AQB) only